Sometimes a skylight can be so efficient it can surprise you with the amount of light it brings into your home or office. In these cases you’d like to know what options you have to dim or dull the light that is being let in to their areas. We always suggest installing the skylight first, as let’s be honest its light we are after, then assessing the area again and moving on with post  installation options if required.


A Few things we can do if your skylight is too bright, placed in a bedroom where afternoon siestas are practiced or being located in any area where you need to have control over your free light.


1. Skylight diffuser option – We have 3 diffusers available with 3 varying light filtration’s available.

  • One is the prismatic diffuser, which is the standard skylight diffuser and lets in the most amount of light (which is usually preferred)
  • Second is the light Opal diffuser, which has a smooth glass like appearance and has a light purple tint throughout.
  • Third is the dark Opal diffuser, which is smooth in its appearance and is a solid white colour. This is the heaviest light detractor available.


The extra skylight diffuser options are the cheapest solution available, as extra diffusers only cost $50 and more than one can be installed until you reach your desired light.


2. Skylight blind option – This option is installed during the installation and is contained
within the surround. It can be installed post install but it can take time, so
be aware. The blind is $250 + GST


3. Skylight shutter option – This option must be installed at the time of the skylight installation. A shutter is placed inside the shaft of the skylight during installation. Shutters range from $300 for manual to $500 dollars for electric. Note that electric will require an electrician post our skylight installation to wire it up to your preferred switch. These shutters cannot be installed in roof cavities of less than 800mm. (Trim Deck & Clip Lock)


Hope this shed some light (pardon the pun) on the skylight dimming/ shutters options available to you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call Suncity on (07) 3282 0985. Happy sky-lighting