Health benefits of natural lighting

In recent times natural lighting or sunlight has copped its fair share of bad publicity. The impression has been given that even small amounts of sun are harmful. Yes it is agreed that excessive sunlight exposure can be the cause of skin cancer, cataracts and other health problems. But equally, sun in moderate amounts has many health benefits that are rarely touched on in today’s conversations.

It is a medical fact that people who do not get a sufficient amount of sunshine experience poorer health, both physically and mentally. Those who have daily exposure to the vitalizing effect of the sun’s rays have a better complexion and a visibly more vibrant health. Sunshine is one of the most effective healing agents known to us and is also the most natural and effective antiseptic in nature. Energy from the sun’s rays also act on substances in the skin, changing them to vitamin D, one of the essential vitamins to the body. Vitamin D has actually been found to have cancer preventing properties.

Natural lighting keeps our blood warm and pure and supplies life-giving energy to every organ of our bodies. Our brains are fed by sunshine-enhanced blood; our body is strengthened by the sun’s energy. I know it all sounds a little to good to be true but these benefits are real. For the past 10 years we have been led to believe that even small amounts of sun exposure can be harmful and it just isn’t so.


 Benefits of Sunlight

  • Sunlight converts cholesterol into vitamin D, lowering the blood cholesterol. Vitamin D provides a host of advantages to the body, including prevention of many types of cancer and better calcium absorption, which in turn helps prevent osteoporosis and tooth decay,
    makes stronger denser bones, and speeds bone repair.
  • Sunlight kills many germs and enhances the immune system.
  • Sunlight raises the number and effectiveness of the white blood cells which destroy germs.
  • Lightly tanned skin resists germs and infection much better than untanned skin.
  • Many skin diseases respond well to controlled doses of sunlight.
  • Sunlight soothes the nervous system and is important in treating depression. It gives a sense of well-being by increasing endorphin production in the brain.
  • Sunlight improves the circulation, lowers the heart rate, and normalizes the blood pressure and blood sugar.
  • Sunlight aids in digestion and weight loss, increasing the metabolism by stimulating thyroid production.
  • Sunlight improves sleep. Natural light exposure in daytime increases melatonin output at night.
  • The sick are greatly benefited by the sun due to its healing properties. Sunlight enhances waste elimination by improving liver function. It relieves the kidneys of some of their burden by eliminating wastes through the skin when you sweat.


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