Square Skylight Tubes | The traditional Installation

Square shaped skylight tubes are recognised as the more traditional method of letting natural light into your home or office. They are  the perfect choice for larger rooms, where a larger amount light is needed to illuminate those dark dreary areas. Square skylight tubes come in a large range of different sizes to suit all rooms in the home.

When considering choosing square skylights, again it is important to consider the surrounding decor and existing light fittings. Of coarse the final decision is up to you and our skylight experts will be on hand to offer any advice you might need.

Square skylights come in many different sizes and can be customised to suit almost any roof type. At ceiling level a square skylight is elegant and contemporary in design, with a high gloss white ceiling trim and a range of diffuser options.


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Square Skylight Tubes | Do they let in more light?

There has been some debate on the square skylight vs round skylight with regard to light transmission. In the end I always say it comes down to a matter of taste with what shape skylight you decide to install. Some people will say that more light is let in by a square skylight due to the extra area size. But then some people will argue that a round skylight omits more light because light travels down a cylinder more efficiently. Again, we believe it all comes down to what you prefer and what look you are after when it comes to interior design for your home.


If you have any further questions about our square skylight tubes call Suncity on(07) 3282 0985.