Northside Skylight Installations | Superior Quality

We service Northside Skylight Installations with superior quality Australian made products that you can count on. With so many companies in the market these days it can be hard making a decision. Year after year our skylights will continue to give you trouble free natural lighting. We make this promise to you but also back it up with an unrivalled, industry leading, Lifetime Warranty with every skylight installation.

Unfortunately with some Brisbane skylight companies they will charge you travel for extra kilometres travelled to quote you on a skylight installation. Of coarse it will still seem like a free quote but trust us when we tell you that very often the travel to the other side of town is eventually worked into the final quote.

At Suncity we also pride ourselves on knowing the market and understanding the needs and wants of our customers. We understand that people have varying tastes and that is why we offer one of the largest ranges of skylights in Australia. We have years of experience dealing with northside skylight installations. We also carry a wide variety of choice when it comes to skylight diffusers, surrounds and the general look and feel of your skylight systems inside your home.

Whatever your natural lighting needs, Suncity is here to help. So please do not hesitate in calling us and booking your free quote today. Our skylight prices are competitive and all our skylight installations are carried out by qualified professional installers.

Book your free quote on (07) 3282 0985 or fill out your online quote request on our contact us page.