Metal Skylight Surround | Light Years Ahead of PVC

With modern technologies and manufacturing we are surprised to see that companies are still using PVC in their ceiling assembly’s instead of metal skylight surround. PVC is an oil based product rendering it environmentally unfriendly. It is also extremely prone to signs of ageing, such as turning yellow. Have you ever looked at a ventilation fan in your bathroom and noticed how horrible it looks against your fresh white ceiling. This discolouration is one of the major reasons Suncity do not use PVC as part of our skylight. Enlarge the pictures below and see how a PVC skylight will age in a very short space of time.


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Metal Skylight Surround

For the obvious reasons displayed above Suncity Skylights have designed and manufactured our own range of metal ceiling inserts. These new products are 100% environmentally friendly as well as being weather resistant. They have been designed with your homes interior in mind. A sleek decorative skylight for the more modern design conscious consumer of today. Some of the best features include:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • !0% larger opening than other skylights of the same product size
  • Will never weather or turn yellow
  • Lets in more available light
  • No visible fixings on the face
  • Sleek designer appearance
  • Available in 400mm diameter round


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[styled_image w=”180″ h=”250″ lightbox=”yes” image=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Metalsurround.jpg”]
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Metal never before seen in round

Metal skylight surrounds have never before been available in round skylights. It involves a metal spinning process that most skylight companies are not willing to spend the extra money on. PVC skylight surrounds remain the much cheaper Chinese alternative. We believe that metal ceiling inserts are worth the time and the extra money in manufacturing because it is, quite simply, a far far superior product.

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