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Suncity Skylights have been servicing skylights Redcliffe and surrounding areas for over 8 years. Our product is known not only for its superior interior design but also its durability in all weather conditions.

Brisbane has experienced its fair share of harsh weather recently. Our skylight domes and flashings have been built to last and to withstand damaging hail stones and high winds.
Skylights Redcliffe

The ever popular 400mm tubelight skylight installation

If you are considering a skylight we can recommend few better than our 400mm round tubelight range. Its superior interior designs and extreme weather resistant qualities keeps it the most popular skylight in the market today. Other skylight companies in the market continue to offer cheap PVC ceiling surrounds. At Suncity we have manufactured and offer a superior interior finishing. Made from metal not plastic, our surrounds boast a sleek designer appearance years ahead of rival products. Our skylight surrounds will last longer, never fade to yellow and have no ugly visible fixings on the face. Please call (07) 3282 0985 to book your free in home consultation today.


Skylights Redcliffe installations

Suncity provide a modern alternative to other skylight products in the market today. Our goal has always been on improving the skylight. We have focused not only on improving the skylights functionality but also its aesthetic quality within your home.  We offer superior interior finishings, UltraGlo shafts and heat and hail resistant flashings that keep us at the forefront of the sky-lighting industry.

Suncity Skylights offer a large range of skylights to suit any home and room size. Skylight prices range from $499 – $990 depending on the amount of light you require into your rooms. We offer the 300mm round skylights for those smaller spaces like pantries, walk in robes and bathrooms. While for larger living spaces we offer the 400mm round skylight system, perfect for kitchens, family rooms, hallways and bedrooms.



Skylights Redcliffe Spare parts

If you require spare parts for your skylight please browse our online store below. If you have any questions further questions call Suncity on (07) 3282 0985

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