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Are you in need of skylight spare parts Australia? Have you found locating spare parts a frustrating process at times? Suncity Skylights are here to help. We stock a large range of parts from skylight domes through to skylights diffusers. Our parts are listed at very competitive prices and  manufactured to exceed Australian standards. We openly advertise our prices online to make finding the right part that little bit easier. We welcome price comparisons and stand behind our products 100%. Ordering your skylight spare parts Australia has never been so easy. Simply enter the shopping store, find the product you need and add the product to your shopping bag. From there you checkout of the shop and your order will be delivered within the following 7 – 10 days.

Skylight Diffusers Spare Parts

Skylight diffusers come in 3 main types; prismatic diffuser, light opal diffuser and opal diffuser. Prismatic diffusers have a rough diamond appearance. Light opal diffusers have more of a frosted glass appearance. Opal diffusers have more of a flat white appearance. Suncity Skylights stock a large range of skylight diffusers to suit your needs. Custom sizes are available upon request. For custom size diffusers please call 1300 186 262.

Skylight Domes Spare Parts

Skylight domes are available in 3 types; high impact acrylic domes, clear domes and flat polycarbonate glazing. High impact acrylic domes have a white appearance. Clear domes have a clear appearance and are used mainly for the smaller sizes. Flat polycarbonate glazing is available in a variety of tints depending on heat reducing requirements vs light transfer. Skylight spare parts Australia stock a large range of skylight glazing options. All skylight glazing tops are heat and hail resistant to suits your needs.

Skylight Surrounds Spare parts

Skylight surrounds or ceiling inserts are all available through our shopping cart. Suncity stock most common sizes from 300mm round skylight surrounds to 500mm x 500mm square surrounds. Some custom sizes are available upon request. Please call Skybrite Skylights on 1300 186 262 to discuss your requirements.