Skylight Repairs | Upgrades and Renovations

Skybrite Skylights specialise in skylight repairs, designer upgrades and renovations. We have extensive experience in the industry and have dealt with all models of skylights on numerous roof types. We stock the largest range of makes and models. Our skylight spare parts are second to none in the market today. 

So if you are doing skylight repairs, an upgrade or simply renovating call Skybrite to discuss your lighting needs 1300 186 262.

Interior facelift | Skylight Diffuser Replacements

Give your Skylight a facelift and rejuvenate your living spaces. We have all heard that old saying “If it aint broke, don’t fix it”. At Skybrite we agree with that saying, but it doesn’t mean you cant tweak it though.

Skylights at the ceiling level have what are called skylight ceiling inserts and skylight diffusers. We have a range of different makes and models to suit your needs if you are thinking renovating.

Some of your older skylights might have a tired yellowed plastic ceiling ring. Some others will have an ugly old cheese grater diffuser installed. While this is great for watching the local insect colonies thrive, its hardly an appealing look for your renovated kitchen. You can remove your old skylight ceiling surround and replace with newer and more modern products. These skylight repairs or upgrades cost a fraction of a full skylight replacement while gaining the benefit of upgrading the light and the look.

Skylight Dome Replacement and Repairs

We understand the importance of maintaining and repairing your skylights to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. One common issue that homeowners face is the need for dome replacements. Over time, skylight domes can become cracked, discolored, or damaged, compromising their ability to let in natural light and protect against the elements. Our extensive range of skylight spare parts includes high-quality dome replacements that are designed to fit various skylight models. With our expertise and top-notch products, we can help you restore the functionality and beauty of your skylights, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of natural light in your home once again. Trust Skybrite Skylights for all your skylight repair needs.