Why should we pay?

Lighting! We all need it, use it and rely on it everyday of our lives. From the moment we rise in the morning to the time we go to sleep at night, we have all switched those little buttons up and down at least 20 times, without even thinking about it, not to mention leaving them on, oops! But on any given day just look outside, the sun is shining, it’s beautiful and totally free, So why aren’t we all harnessing that awesome power to our advantage? Why do we continue to pay ridiculous amounts of money to power companies? Our daylight is provided naturally to us by the sun for free everyday. Suncity believes lighting is a necessity not a luxury, and that is why we focus all our efforts on providing natural cost effective lighting alternatives and breaking the cycle of artificial lighting.

Stop the Whirlwind

From the moment we are old enough to reach the light switch the merry go round begins. The thought pattern of  “flick a switch for light” is born. This thought pattern becomes so deeply ingrained at such a young age, that most of us never give it another thought. We get older, busier and the idea of lighting just doesn’t enter our minds again lets be honest. Well Suncity wants to change this and to highlight to people a better cheaper way to light our lives, using the awesome power of nature and a few clever technologies as well.

We wish for everyone the convenience of getting up in the morning and not having to switch on all the lights just to do menial chores. We hope everyone can enjoy the feeling of being greeted automatically by cheerful sunlight. We believe it is because there has never been a good enough alternative on the market that people have remained in this paying for light cycle.

Our Products

Suncity have engineered some breakthrough products that will not only let the sunlight in but look contemporary and modern in design also, with absolutely no need for any structural changes to your roof. We have thrown out the old lead flashing’s and ugly cheese grater designs to offer everyone a beautiful natural lighting alternative that will serve to save you thousands in electricity costs and replacement bulbs for years to come. So please if you have any questions or would like to find out what products we have to suit your needs call our office on (07) 3282 0985

Suncity are behind a push to their local members to have natural lighting systems subsidised as part of a cleaner greener initiative. We believe lighting is an obvious necessity of any building structure, and should not be limited to electrical work. Frequently used everyday, free lighting should not be viewed as a luxury and we should stop paying for artificial lighting now. If you would like to show your support please write a comment below and join the fight for natural light!