Free lights in a tube | The skylights quality

Sounds simple doesn’t it, put the skylights into your home and sit back and enjoy the savings. But not all skylight systems and/ or skylight manufacturers and retailers are the same. Before you purchase the skylights you need to make sure you know what you’re really getting. Use our skylight checklist as a research tool, when investigating which skylight company or brand to go with for your natural lighting needs.


Skybrite Skylights Retail Checklist

Skylight system quality

1. Do they offer high quality and respected skylight products, with a proven track record and reliability eg; testimonials?

2. Are the skylights manufactured in a controlled environment, with strict processes where Quality Control is of the highest importance?

Long term commitment to the skylight Industry

3. Is the skylights company’s core business skylights and its only focus?

4. Are the skylights supplied from Australian manufacturers with more than 20 years experience in the industry, and to our current industry standard?


5. Do they provide at least a 5 – 10 year skylight performance warranty

6. Are all their warranties supported locally in Brisbane?

7. Are the skylight companies represented with offices or showrooms in Brisbane?

Home assessments

8. Do they offer FREE home quotations and varied interior skylight designs?

Accreditation and licences

9. Do they only use accredited & certified installers?

10. Do they operate with all insurances and safety gear as required by your relevant State Government department?

Credit card surcharges

11. Be aware that in some cases a 5% surcharge can increase the cost of your purchase by up to $100. So in some cases you might think you are getting the lowest price, but in reality you end up paying much more. Choose a company that does not apply a surcharge for purchases made on credit.

Please feel free to use this checklist when obtaining quotes


It pays to be well informed

Like the old saying, information is power, and the same can be applied for any home improvements. Whether you are thinking of skylights or anything else that needs doing around the home it certainly pays to do your research.

As stated above, be aware of solely Internet companies. It is in your best interest to deal with a company which has an office or a showroom situated locally in Brisbane. Also websites that are too slim or lack content can be ones to steer clear of. They are often slim because they have nothing to say and little to back up their claims, making it difficult to find them post job if problems arise.

Please contact Suncity on (07) 3282 0985 if you have further questions or information on the skylights you would like to obtain.