Beautiful Natural Light | Skylights Sunshine Coast

Have you ever considered a skylight for your home. Natural lighting saves you money and also creates a feeling of space to dark tired rooms. Health benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing have also been well documented. So if you are in the middle of renovating or just want to cheer up your living spaces and save on your energy bills, give Skylights sunshine coast a call a let the sunlight in.

Bringing the outdoors indoors

The benefits of skylights has long been known but lets talk about a different angle that is rarely spoken about. Do you love your garden? Do you wish you could have more of your “outdoors” indoors? Have you moved some plants indoors only to watch them turn brown and die. So how do we keep our beloved plants alive and healthy (if they are not positioned by a window) in our family rooms or kitchens for example. The answer is with a skylight. With skylights sunshine coast installations you will see plants you never thought possible to keep inside thriving under the natural light. The Dracaena (Happy plant) in the once dark corner will live up to its name.

Skylight + Plant | The Natural Indoor Air Purifier

Research at the University of Technology Sydney supports the introduction of indoor plants to absorb carbon monoxide and deliver oxygen. The larger the plant the more oxygen they deliver. Unfortunately plants are usually only happy in our kitchens or bathrooms due to light and moisture levels. Recent improvements in skylight technologies, e.g. UV reduction and diffuser qualities, has changed all this. Now we can grow exquisite larger plants in our lounge or family rooms and enjoy both the aesthetic and health benefits that go along with it..

Added health benefits of installing skylights Sunshine Coast + indoor plants

According to Sydney researcher a small plant on the desk is not enough. A skylight will allow for a larger plant and a healthier ‘you’. Relieving illness, stress and short attention span episodes, they combat the toxins from paint, furniture and computers.

Norwegian researchers found indoor plants and natural light can reduce fatigue, coughs, sore throats and cold-related illnesses by more than 30 per cent. Researchers across the globe continue to support the benefits of natural foliage in the home. The best ways to grow a healthy indoor plant is to enhance your lighting options with a skylight. The benefits are threefold; healthy pot plants that remove toxins, improved physical and mental health and less energy usage. Also the natural light streaming onto rich green foliage looks amazing.

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