Kitchen Skylights | Making your kitchen gleam

Get a kitchen skylight and make your kitchen feel larger and more inviting. We all know that one of the most used and favoured rooms in the house is the kitchen. From sun up to sun down it is in high demand. It is the room where we sit with our friends and have a good chat over a cup of tea. It is surprising to me however that most kitchens are often the darkest room in the house, with light usage at a maximum. The two most common reasons for this is either a patio built on outside the kitchen window; or that the kitchen has been designed in the middle of the house. These dark gloomy rooms can be brought to life with kitchen skylights, installed in under 2.5hrs. Kitchen skylights will cheer up a high traffic room and also reduce your energy costs. Kitchen skylights make sense!

Where to place kitchen skylights

In the majority of cases skylights are placed above your head and forward of your work areas. Many people will ask it to be located in the middle of the room but a lot of the time this is not practical. You want the skylight to replace the need to turn on the light. If the kitchen skylight is placed behind you then it will cast shadows. However if the skylight is placed above your head and slightly forward (along the benches) then you will have perfect natural light to work in all day long.

Round or square kitchen skylights

The choice of having a round or square skylight installed in your kitchen is entirely up to your own personal tastes. Both products throw a huge amount of natural light and will serve you well in all aspects of room lighting.

Some examples of recent kitchen skylight installations

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