Bathroom Skylights to make your Bathroom Shine!

Bathroom skylights have long been a popular choice of lighting method. Bathroom skylights will make your bench tops shine, create a feeling of space and cleanliness. Being very versatile also, a bathroom skylight can be made to serve more than one purpose. In cases where you might have a lot of steam build up, they can be made to ventilate the old air out. If you do not already have a ventilation fan in your bathroom then this is also a legal requirement in wet rooms with no window.

Being a high usage room in the house, a bathroom skylight can also offer huge savings on your energy bills. We all know how easy it is to leave a light on, especially in the popular areas of the house. Bathroom skylights will erase that problem, shining beautiful white natural light from sun up to sun down. In many cases they also serve to light up parts of the hallway which is another very common dark spot for many homes.

Round Skylights or Square Skylights?

The choice of whether to utilise round skylights or square skylights comes down to a personal preference. Both will light up your areas very well and be a natural source of energy free lighting for years to come. Both round and square skylights can be ventilated. If ventilation is required, a minimum of 400mm in skylight size is required to properly ventilate the area. Both interior finishing’s are of the latest designs, with a modern and contemporary look and feel to complement your home.

How many bathroom skylights do I need?

Usually the average sized bathroom will only require one skylight. The size skylight that we usually suggest is a 300mm round or square skylight installation. These sized skylights will throw light in all directions in a 2m – 3m radius. This amount of light is usually more than enough but for larger rooms a twin install can be arranged. Whichever you choose, the dazzling light will make you wish you had a boudoir photographer doing a photo shoot in your “new” ensuite.

Where should I position my bathroom skylights?

We almost always suggest placing the skylight over the vanity/ sink area, above your head and forward a little. This may not always seem like the best spot to place it with regard to room balance but it is certainly the most practical. Bathroom skylights that are placed behind your head will cast shadows. It is an all too common mistake made by installers with no end of frustrations for the customer.

With the skylight behind you it will cast a shadow into your work area and a light will still need to be turned on. With the skylight placed forward of you it will light up the entire room and also erase the need to turn a light on, which lets face it is why we install skylight in the first place. On the very rare occasion you may have to hire a plumber if you want it placed exactly where you want it. Generally a skylight installer will get it placed within 300mm of where you wish it to go majority of the time.

Bathroom skylights can also be located above the shower, offering beautiful natural light and increasing the feeling of space. We do however suggest a ventilation system be accompanied with this location as steam is at a maximum in this location.

If you have any further questions regarding the installation of your bathroom skylights dome or diffusers please click through here.