Solar Skylights Brisbane, Ipswich & Toowoomba

Solar Skylights Brisbane with Solar Whiz lighting technology

Solar Light Whiz’s range of daylighting and solar lights gives you a lot of choices when searching for solar light for the residential marketplace and or commercial workplace.

An Affordable Choice Solar Skylights Brisbane Lighting System

Solar Light Whiz provides you with the possibility to hook multiple solar lights up to a single solar panel. You may also get a dimmer for the solar lights. This might be quite handy for those who have solar lights installed in bedrooms or media rooms. If you’re going away for a long time period, you may even wish to turn off the solar light.

The Solar light Whiz accessories for solar skylights contain nighttime packs, dimmers and an extensive selection of wiring to be used when linking multiple solar lights to one solar panel. Our customers consistently mention the fact that solar skylights can be dimmed or turned off so easily as a major factor in their decision to install over a traditional skylight. This control is useful for bedrooms and media rooms etc. and is very inexpensive to install. These skylights do not require the services of a plumber.

Inside – Solar Skylights Brisbane are available in the following sizes: 

solar skylights brisbane

120mm dia. Round

150mm dia. Round

170mm dia. Round

225mm dia. Round

300mm dia. Round

295mm sq.

595mm sq.

295mm x 595mm.

295mm x 1195mm.

595mm x 1195mm.

Outside – The Solar Light Whiz Special Solar Panels are available in the following sizes:

25 watt

50 watt

60 watt

75 watt

100 watt

150 watt

It’s significant with regards to performance that the solar panels are situated and installed as close to True North as possible. However our Special Panels come in a framework which allows one to angle the panel right to the North if the location is not ideal. These panels may be mounted on any portion of the majority of most Australian roof types and used successfully.

Life of a Solar Skylight

The Solar Light Whiz Solar Panels are guaranteed for ten years and the LED ceiling panels carry a 4 year guarantee. We’re expecting a considerably longer life. As an added bonus, simply fill out the Guarantee Form and send us images of your Solar Light Whiz installation and you will receive an additional 6 months to your own guarantee.

Even though the ceiling units have a 4 year guarantee we are expecting 15 years of great use and they are inexpensive to replace and anybody can alter them (no electrician needed). Considering natural deterioration, in this area, a solar skylight will out last a skylight dome and cost you less in the long term.