Incorporate a Skylight with Light | Day & Night

A skylight with light? How is this different to all other skylights as they all generate light? What we are referring to is the light fitting placed within the skylight. It is a simple upgrade but a very useful one in regard to lighting up your home. It is great to have natural light shining through your skylight all day long. But wouldnt it be great to have the skylight also replace the need for your other lights in the room. That is why Suncity offer a new ‘Skylight with light’ range for all your lighting purposes.

Whenever you have a skylight installed you have many factors to consider. The first and most common consideration is where to have the skylight installed. Should I have it installed over the bench or in the middle of the room etc etc. With this consideration also comes the factor of cluttering your ceiling. You may decide on a certain area of your home where you wish the skylight to be installed but find that there are too many fittings in the ceiling already. This is one the situations where the ‘Skylight with light’ can be of great use.

The ‘Skylight with light’ will reduce a clutter of light fixings forming on your ceiling by incorporating two lighting needs into one practical installation. A ‘Skylight with light’ will not only look amazing but it will also improve the overall feeling of your room/s.

How does a Skylight with light work?

Firstly the skylight is installed same as always in the room of your choice. Then comes the light attachment, which is placed inside the shaft of your skylight. We then fix the light attachment to the rim of the ceiling insert, and insert the bulb. The electrical wiring is fed through the shaft on a side which is easily accessible to any handy man or electrician. Once the light is wired up, it is then simply a case of flicking the switch as always to allow the night light to light up your rooms at night as well.


Some examples of a Skylight with light











If you have any further questions regarding a skylight with light get in touch with Skybrite.