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Lighting our homes in recent times has become so expensive. That is why it makes so much sense to have a light tube installed in our living and work areas. With electricity going up and set to continue to do so there has never been a better time to utilise the natural lighting properties of the sun. These products are simply to install, cheap by comparison to most other home improvements and will continue to save you money year after year. The on going saving is the big plus when you install any natural energy system in your home. Yes there is an initial investment, but the great thing is that they begin to pay themselves off from the moment it is installed. In theory it will not only be free but also put money back in your pocket. How many products today can say that !

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If you are looking to have one of these great products installed contact Skybrite Skylights. We have years of expert advice to offer and products that work. Skybrite are also proud to stock the largest range of interior skylight stylings in Brisbane. We have a commitment to design that is evident in our superior light tube offerings in the market place. So if you want to help the environment and also save money give Skybrite a call. 


How bright is a Light Tube?

All tube skylights are bright because of the shafting technology used in modern day sky-lighting. The silver shaft inside the skylight channels and amplifies any light being transmitted outside. When the available light is captured by the light tube the affects are dramatic. It will very quickly turns a dark dingy room into a bright cheery space. You will be surprised how much light just one single light tube will sparkle into a room. Below we have included a guide on room size and which light tube to use accordingly.

An average sized skylight e.g. a 400mm round or square skylight, will throw between 240 – 300 lux in to any chosen room. This amount of lumens generated is more than enough to light any average sized room. Remember, the delivery system of the light tube spreading the light must be considered in these light readings.. We liken it to a hose in the back garden. You could turn on two hoses, running at the same pressure. But when you pinch one of them with your thumb more water pressure results and water reaches further. This is the same case with a light tube, when discussing the brightening of a room.


300mm Round Light Tube Installation: Recommended room size up to 5m x 5m

400mm Round Light Tube Installation: Recommended room size up to 9m x 9m

500mm Round Light Tube Installation: Recommended room size up to 12m x 12m


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