A Free Sky Tube to ease the Burden on Pensioners

Electricity costs are rising more and more everyday and a Sky Tube or Sun Tube is the answer to keeping a cap on our lighting bills. Toward the beginning of the year we started a ‘Seniors Help Scheme’ initiative. We already offered seniors discounts but we wanted to do more. So now once a month Skybrite chooses a pensioner at random for a totally free installation. We are very passionate about the ‘Seniors Help Scheme’ and hope that by leading the way other companies will follow suit.

How the Skybrite free Sky Tube offering came about

Company Director David recalls when he first had the idea whilst visiting an installation in Wynumn earlier this year. “Firstly I remember being quite angry at how our society discards our older population once they cease being a useful contributing tax payer. Their living conditions were appallingly, cramped & hot and I remember thinking it wasn’t reflective of 3 people who had collectively worked for over 150 years. As coincidence would have it, later on I witnessed an extra stress as they received their energy bill. It was then that I knew something extra had to be done. The smiles on the faces and sheer relief for the helping hand we now receive you can’t put a value on”.

Congratulations to this months winner!

The product installed was located on the South side of Brisbane. We installed a 400mm Square installation into their dark kitchen and it came up treat. The kitchen was designed in the middle of the house, hence the darkness, and a very common problem with designs of this nature.

The customers roof was a terracotta tile roof and the ceiling was MDF.

The ceiling trim installed was an aluminium frame with a 2 pack high gloss finish.

The ceiling level cover was an opal heat resistant acrylic.

Overall a great success with plenty of free natural light for years to come!

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NOTE: This article was written at a time when Skybrite Skylights offered intallation services. In recent times we have decided to focus primarily on the supply of skylight spare parts. If you require any assistance with the purchase of skylight parts for your skylight, please do not hesitate to contact us today.