Skylight With Light Upgrades

Why put up with a skylight with no light when you can enjoy a skylight with more light.

Are you looking to increase the amount of natural light in your home? One effective way to do so is by upgrading your current skylight with high-quality spare parts from Skybrite Skylights. We are the largest skylight spare parts distributor in Australia. With our wide range of products, you can easily enhance the light output of your skylight and create a brighter and more inviting space.

One key component that can significantly impact the amount of light entering your skylight is the skylight dome. Over time, the dome may become worn out or milky, reducing its ability to transmit light effectively. By purchasing a replacement skylight dome from Skybrite Skylights, you can instantly improve the light transmission and maximise the natural light in your home.

Dull Skylights into Skylights with Bright Light

Another important aspect to consider is the skylight’s flashing. The flashing is responsible for sealing the skylight against water leaks and ensuring its proper installation. If the flashing is not properly sealed or has deteriorated over time, it can lead to water infiltration and reduced light transmission. Skybrite Skylights offers a range of high-quality flashing options that are designed to provide a watertight seal and optimise the skylight’s performance.

In addition to dome and flashing, the skylight’s diffuser can also play a significant role in enhancing the light output. The skylight diffuser is responsible for distributing the light evenly throughout the room and reducing glare. If your current diffuser is outdated, it may not be effectively dispersing the light, resulting in uneven illumination. Skybrite Skylights offers a wide variety of diffuser options. These options include prismatic, opal, square, round diffusers and domed diffusers. All of these options can help maximise the light and create a more balanced and brighter environment.

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Skylight Upgrades Shining Bright

By upgrading your skylight with high quality spare parts from Skybrite Skylights, you can significantly increase the amount of natural light in your home. Not only will this create a brighter and more inviting space, but it can also help reduce your reliance on artificial lighting, leading to potential energy savings.

These skylight upgrades may sound complicated but they are easy quick fixes to what may sound like a daunting task. Another way to bring more light into your home is via a new skylight shaft.  This upgrade is usually done at the same time as the dome replacement upgrade, as it requires the dome to be removed.

A new skylight shaft will sometimes drastically increase the light coming into your living spaces. Replacement skylight shafts will set you back between $120 – $250, depending on the size and length required. We think this cost of upgrading your skylight is very reasonable when conpared with current day living expenses and energy costs. Brightening your old skylight has become a simple choice for homeowners and businesses owners. 

Explore our wide range of skylight spare parts to enhance the light in your current skylight.