Get Paid Sales Commissions On Property Leads

How it works

  • Share information you already have with us about people interested in selling their property e.g. friends, family and or neighbours.
  • You can acquire information about people interested in selling their property and share it with us.
  • Fill out an email submission form stating your name, your referrals name and contact details.
  • An agent from Campbell Realty will then contact the client for a quick chat and set a meeting if desired.
  • Once successful in selling the property you will then be paid a sales commission/finders fee relative to the sale price of the property.

Remember its not only about you collecting commissions on your friends or families properties. You will also be helping them save big monies by referring them to Campbell Realty. Be sure to show them what a good friend you are being by clicking here


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Submit your lead below

Simply fill out all relevant information stated above to start earning, its that simple.

NOTE: No email capture will be taken from your submission. We HATE spam too. All information provided is completely confidential and can not be shared with any 3rd party.

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Example earnings of “Joe ********” for submitting emails in 2015

Submitted email on Jardine Street property – Paid $253.50

Submitted email on Wynnum Road property – Paid $525.00

Submitted email on Coorparoo property – Paid $223.50