Round Ceiling Surround


Skybrite Skylights Round Ceiling Surround

The sky light ceiling fixture or ceiling insert or some call it a ceiling surround, is an important part of the skylight system. The ceiling surround holds the diffuser in place, which in turn disperses the light evenly around your room for optimal affect. The ceiling surround must be installed tight to the ceiling, to reduce gaps at ceiling level, and encourage the maximum amount of light to shine down the skylight shaft. This will give you more light into your desired room and not lost light to leakage into the ceiling cavity.

There are many different models of round ceiling surround and we stock most of them. They can be made of many different types of materials including plastic and metal. Sky light ceiling fixtures are also designed to compliment vented diffuser options is required. On our website we always list the complimentary products if available on all of our product listings. In the ‘frequently purchased with this item’ section under the add to cart button, you will find the sister product listed if applicable. You can then add this item to your cart before checking out.

Browse our range of round ceiling surrounds and find the right fit for your skylight system. If you are having any trouble at all please contact one of our skylight advisors and they will be able to point you in the right direction. Our staff are available by phone or email and work 8:30am – 5:00pm from Monday to Friday.

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