Skylight Dome Replacement


Skybrite Skylights domes offer a wide range of skylight options. The skylight domes are fixed to a fully flashed 1-piece metal base. Our skylight domes are made from high impact UV Stabilised Acrylic in either Clear or Prismatic.

All Skybrite Skylight domes are made from a high impact UV stabilised Acrylic providing outstanding strength and sparkling clarity. Skybrite Skylights offer a wide range of skylight domes, fixed to a fully flashed 1-piece metal base, for complete peace of mind. Designed and manufactured in Brisbane for the Queensland environment our skylight domes have been specifically designed to be hail resistant and offer excellent heat diffusion.

Acrylic skylight domes are manufactured from UV Stabilised Acrylic, a high impact resistant material, which is supplied in clear or prismatic and offers a sparkling clear light. Scratch resistant, our skylight domes will retain a fresh new look for years to come. Domes are available in round, square and rectangular.  The dome may not always be easily visible, but it is important to install a quality dome to maintain the sound integrity of your roof.


Skylight Repair


A skylight provides outstanding sunlight to otherwise dark rooms. Using multiple skylights also enhances the overall appearance of your residence or office, and provides ventilation as well.

But when a skylight starts leaking it is a problem that needs a swift resolution. In this situation you should get your skylight repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage. There are many reasons which can cause a skylight to leak. The main reason is that the person who installed it didn’t follow properly the steps that are required to install a skylight.  This happens because professionals with good knowledge of  skylight installation charge the correct amount for every single skylight; so, some people prefer to hire some handyman which does the job for half the price, without taking into consideration the problems they might face later on, or the money they will spend on every skylight repair in the future. Moreover, any skylight repair also means that you have to be at home, maybe missing work.


Use A Professional Not A Handyman


A prior bad understanding of the structure of the roof can lead to needing a skylight repair every now and then. Some times the improper fixing of an already leaking skylight can give disastrous results. Some people don’t understand that hiring a roofing contractor is far much better than having the skylight repaired by an individual time after time. A roofing contractor charges more than an ordinary handyman because the knowledge and experience he has is much greater than that of a handy man. And he can repair the skylight in a way that the problem won’t arise again in the future.

A leaking skylight causes comparatively little damage in the short term, though with time this damage becomes more and more severe. A leaking skylight can also mean that there’s a problem with your roof, not the skylight itself, therefore, you should get someone experienced to check and repair the skylight or the roof, depending on the situation, but do it as soon as possible.

Good companies have a separate skylight repair unit. Try to hire these companies with staff specialized in skylight repairing for best results.

Of course, there are several other reasons why you might need a skylight repair. Sometimes weather conditions and collisions can be the cause of your leaking skylight. In any case, be sure to hire a skilled and well-informed expert in skylight repairing to avoid further damage to your skylight. It might be more expensive, but cheaper in the long run. Remember that cheap solutions sometimes turn out to be the most expensive ones.

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