Skylight Shafts

Our skylight shafts are custom made for greater natural light


Suncity offer a wide range of skylight shafts. Silver flexi-shafts, highly reflective ultraGlow shafts or solid mirrored shafts.





The Queensland sun is a great source of natural free light. Suncity’s unique shafts capture and transfer the light to deliver superior illumination.


“Our highly reflective shafts are manufactured on site in Brisbane. These custom skylight tubes are highly reflective and heat resistant, providing you with lower energy consumption by allowing less heat into your ceiling cavity”.

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Shafts Custom Made

Suncity use our UltraGlo shafts in all standard skylight installations. Our shafts have been tested to withstand extreme temperatures and are virtually indestructible. Its benefit to the customer is that it is a highly reflective solid silver material, transferring a bright reliable source of natural light into all living space/s.

Over the years Suncity have moved away from the use of only flexi-duct shafting as we have found alternatives longer lasting and brighter.

Flexi-duct is almost identical to air conditioning ducting and is not designed to hang vertical for indefinite periods of time. Over time the material sags and tears on its own weight, reducing the amount of light being transferred into your home or office.

In order to produce the maximum amount of light through a skylight, flexi-shaft is pulled tight as possible and then attached with metal reinforcing clips top and bottom. Our UltraGlo product is strong enough to stand alone in your ceiling cavity and therefore does not require this added tension and strain on the product. It is this stand alone aspect that allows our shafts to last longer and stay brighter.


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Solid Mirror

Skylights also come installed with a solid mirrored shaft option. The solid mirrored shaft is standard in our premium range. In most cases this skylight shaft is only recommended in roof cavities with over a 3m drop for its highly reflective qualities and solid construction. It is highly reflective and durable and will give you years and years of trouble free natural light. It can be installed in any roof cavity and with any skylight flashing we offer.

Whether we are installing an UltraGlo or solid/mirrored shaft we are confident that the quality of our products. The manufacturing standards of the skylights will give you years of trouble free natural light. All our shafts come with a 5 year guarantee and the roof flashing comes with our unrivalled Lifetime Warranty.


Beware of shafts that turn yellow over time

A trend in the sky lighting industry over the past 5 years has been the invent of solid aluminium shafts. There has been a lot of talk about the good qualities of this product, but we thought it fair to fill you in on their not so good quality. Unfortunately over time and exposure to the air elements, the aluminium treatment that is placed on the tube oxidises after polishing. This oxidisation resembles a yellowish rusty look on the inside of the shaft. This film that is sprayed on the shaft to prevent the aluminium from oxidising is not UV resistant, and therefore it oxidises, a real catch 22 scenario. This means that instead of your skylight beaming a beautiful clean white light it begins to omit a yellow dull light.
Skylights installed with these aluminium products cost on average about $400 – $1000 more than traditional proven shafting methods.


If you need any further advice or assistance on choosing the correct shaft for your skylight installation, please call Suncity on (07) 3282 0985.