Solar Products

Hello and welcome to our new solar products section.

Suncity’s focus has always been on utilising the beautiful free energy of the sun to our advantage. We believe in improving the health of the environment everyday and continue to source new ways to do this. Naturally from our extensive experience in the natural lighting industry, solar power has also been a strong passion and interest of ours. We openly contribute to and support solar products in the market, and will continue to grow further product offerings. Please feel free to browse our products below and if you have any questions please call our office on(07) 3282 0985 for further assistance.

Solar Products make great gifts & are super on our environment


Emergency Solar Charger for iPhone |  iPod | iTouch | 4 4G 4S 3G Small & Portable

Product Details:

It can be charged up to 500 times
Maximum talk time is 40 minutes
Chargeable from AC adapter

Set your keys down in the sunny locations. Full charge in 6-10 hours.
Every couple of weeks give it a good 12 – 24 hour charge to keep it in top condition.

Item colour: White

Net weight: 52 g

Price: $22.95


Solar Powered Flip Flap Flowerpot | Home & Office


Battery-free, powered by solar energy / light

Leaves flap randomly, creating a cute flower personality

Can be securely connected to the included base pad or used stand alone

Adds unique moods to home and workspace

An excellent happy gift for anyone


Price: $14.95


Solar Power Multi Pulse Snake Pest Repeller

Product Introduction:

Solar Snake Repeller is used very successfully to keep poisonous snakes out of dog kennels, stables, garden/yard or home. A Multi pulse repeller, keeps changing the ultrasonic pulse it emits, so snakes do not get used to it and do not come near your designated area.

The Advanced Solar Electronic Snake Repeller has high-spec solar panels and an aluminum shaft. The aluminum shaft gives more durability and makes it easier to insert in the soil. More importantly, aluminum is a better conductor of the repelling vibrations, which is placed into the earth to transmit the warning pulses through the ground.

  • Completely powered by Solar Energy
  • Easy and safe to use. No Poison, No Chemical;
  • Idea pest control device to keep snakes away from your garden or lawns by utilizing both sonic wave sound and vibration technology.


  • Effective Range:625M2
  • Frequency: 400-1000 Hz
  • Rechargeable battery included: 1.2V 800MAH Ni-cd
  • PANEL SIZE: 70*90MM
  • 227mm lenghth aluminium tube
Price: $24.95


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