There are two types of Solar skylights that Suncity offer. One is a regular installation with a solar night light feature add on. The other Solar installation is a full circle solar alternative, drawing on solar cell energy both day and night.

How It Works

Solar – Night light Installation

A 10V solar panel, which measures about the size of your hand, is placed behind the skylight flashing and secured. The panel leads are then threaded down inside your ceiling cavity where it is connected to a long-life rechargeable battery then attached to one or more LED lights. These lights are then fastened inside the shaft of of your skylight. When the sun goes down the solar power kicks in, illuminating your skylight once again for night use. Solar skylights will reduce your power bill both day & night.

This installation is known as a night light feature, running purely when the sun goes down, making your skylight shine on 24/7. The night light is available with a remote control, on/ off function as required as well as having 3 dimmer modes.

Solar Skylights – Day & Night Installation

The other Solar skylights installation is a full circle ‘green’ lighting alternative. This installation is made up purely of solar energy, drawing directly on the energy produced by cells of the solar panel for lighting during the day and then using the stored energy in the battery for lighting during the night. These solar skylights are equipped with remote control, 3 dimmer modes and on/ off control. No roof cuts with these solar skylights means a no leak guarantee.

These solar skylights installations can also be used in conjunction with a regular skylight installation. If your yard has tall trees which cast shadows or a certain section of your roof doesn’t get the sun required to properly light your skylight, then a solar panel is often required to direct the suns energy accordingly.

Solar Skylight Technology

Welcome to Suncity’s new Solar Skylights. The underlying principle of traditional Sky lighting has always been to draw the suns natural energy and harness it inside to our own advantages, be it lighting up a dull bathroom or creating a beautiful lighting feature for your home or business. Solar Skylights Brisbane remain true to this basic principle but with a few major advantages.


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No Heat  |  No Leaks  |  No Roof Cuts  |  Shines Day & Night  |  Remote Controlled

One of the major advantages a Solar Skylight has over the more conventional skylight is that it gives you far greater control over your captured light, allowing you to enjoy the light during the day but also access that light during the night. This light can be dimmed, set on a timer (very useful for when you are away) or turned off all together in much the same way as any other light in the house is accessed. The difference is that when you are turning on these lights you are not paying for it -how great! All the energy required to run your skylight at night has already been captured throughout the day making your night lighting absolutely free – take “that power bill!

Another brilliant advantage a Solar Skylight has over its older brother is that it sends the age old issues of heat , storm damage and leakage to the history books. These issues are completely solved with no cutting taking place on your roof. This Solar option is also an easy add on to any existing skylights that may already be installed, enhancing the existing light and giving you the option of night lighting. It is a remarkable breakthrough product and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Solar Skylight

For lighting of Hallways, Bathrooms, Alcoves, Kitchens & Bedrooms.

  • Designed for use of 1 – 2 LED strips
  • Total light output approx. 32watt.
  • Utilises a 12 Volt rechargeable battery
  • Automatically shines day & night.
  • Remote controlled
  • ON/ OFF | Auto Function | 3 Dimmer Modes

Enquire today about Suncity’s 30 day invoice payment option

It was expressed to us recently that some customers would like to be able to break up their payments over smaller and more manageable instalments. Suncity understands that home renovations can often be a costly exercise. That is why we are now offering a 30 day invoice option on any multiple skylight installations. Simply purchase the first skylight and the remaining skylights installed will be placed on a 30 day invoice payment plan. So far this is proving to be a popular payment option. Please don’t hesitate to ask your sales representative for further information.


For more information please call Suncity on (07) 3282 0985 We are here to help with any enquiry you may have.