Round Skylights or Square Skylights | The debate



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People often ask me which are better, tube skylights or square shaped roof systems. My answer is always the same, it is simply a matter of your own personal choice and taste. I will often recommend matching the shape of the natural lighting system to the existing light fittings in the room. For example, if your room has many down lights or round shaped light fittings, then I might suggest that a round ceiling surround is the way to go. But alternatively the opposite may apply if your home has square fittings or maybe lamps throughout.

Is there any difference in the amount of light omitted?

This is an age old debate that has been going on ever since the arrival of tube skylights into the market. On the square side you will here it argued that the extra opening on the corners of the 400mm x 400mm square skylights makes the opening bigger, therefore omitting more light. While on the tubular skylights side you will here it argued that light travels down a cylinder shape more efficiently and therefore will omit more light from the 400mm diameter opening.

Personally I think they are both good points and cancel each other out in a way. A square skylights opening is bigger – so what it lacks in shaft shape it makes up for in size. While on the other hand, a 400mm diameter tube skylights opening is smaller, but it gains back the ground on its bigger square brother with its tube shaft assembly.  It really does come down to a personal choice. Either round skylights or square skylights will brighten a room dramatically, making it more energy efficient and saving you money.

Is there a difference in the price of tube skylights?

Suncity Skylights do charge differently for tube skylights and square skylights. Square will cost on average around $50 -$100 dollars more than round tube skylights. Square skylights have an opal diffuser ceiling finish and are much better suited to larger living areas. We think you should have a variety of choice when choosing how to decorate your homes, and that is why we offer both skylights shapes to suit your particular tastes and requirements.

If you have further questions or need help deciding which skylights best suit your home please call Suncity on (07) 3282 0985.