Skylights Ipswich | Natural lighting in your Home

Skybrite Skylights have installed and supplied Ipswich and the surrounding suburbs for many years. Skylights Ipswich has one of the largest ranges in Australia. We cater for all roof types and have a large selection of round, square & custom skylights for you to choose from.

Skylights in Ipswich are designed to withstand our tough Queensland climate. Our lighting systems are manufactured to comply with current Australian building standards. Skybrite skylights Ipswich have a very successful track record in the Ipswich and surrounding areas. We install and maintain hundreds of skylights throughout the Ipswich region every year. Our products are the best placed quality option in the market place today.

The Natural Lighting WOW FACTOR

Skylights are a very exciting product and one of the reasons for this is their Wow factor. Skylights can change the whole atmosphere of a room when the correct size and type is fitted. A common customer comment after an installation is usually “wow, why didn’t I do this years ago”.


Ipswich Skylight | Available sizes & styles

Skybrite have both round skylights & square skylights available for installation in your home or office. Available skylight sizes in the round skylight range from 350mm diameter through to 600mm diameter. Our square skylight sizes range from 400mm square up to 800mm square.

Custom skylights are available upon request. Free quotes on standard skylights are available also, so please do not hesitate to book an a site assessment. While other skylight companies will charge a call out fee, we do not.


All our products are designed for ease of installation. To help the D.I.Y Installer written installation instructions are included in each kit. These are available upon request from our local representatives.

 Note: Skybrite Skylights are now the leading skylight spare parts distributor throughout Australia. We no longer offer installations.