Day-lighting | UltraGlo Skylight Systems

At Skybrite we use only the latest in day-lighting technologies. Our day-lighting systems deliver maximum illumination to your living spaces with minimal fuss. The shafting system we install delivers light reflectivity of 95% – 97% while producing far less heat than other systems on the market. If you would like a demonstration of our day-lighting products please call Skybrite on 1300 186 262 to arrange your free quote.

Heat free Day-lighting technology

Our custom shafting system has unique thermal insulating qualities that others do not have. Whereas most systems promote light delivery, some will also invite moisture build up and heat delivery. Skybrite UltraGlo shafts will protect you against unwanted moisture and heat transference.

The shafting system we use is a highly reflective self supporting product. Here a few more great points about Skybrite’s exceptional day lighting skylight system.

  • Reflectivity rating of between 95% – 97%
  • It has high density reinforcement bands every 20mm for greater strength and longevity
  • It will not support combustion or the spread of flames
  • Highly reflective to enhance lighting conditions
  • Very low heat transference
  • Manufactured with pure aluminium foil layer providing a barrier against vapour

All Skybrite Skylights shafting systems use GreenStar compliant material. Our shafts have zero ozone depleting potential in both manufacture and composition.

Day-lighting indoors that won’t dim with age

When you have your first skylight system installed you will be amazed by how dark your house was previously. All of a sudden a cheerful stream of natural day lighting brings the room to life, making your timber floors shine, illuminating walls and creating a feeling of space. They also perform great in a gable patio roof structure, that just needs that little extra lighting. Naturally you want the increased light to last. Unfortunately some products on the market will yellow over time. This yellowing will reduce the light output significantly and something to be aware of when making your decision. Our skylight shafts do not yellow or fade over time and will continue to deliver as new for years to come.

If this has happened to your skylight system please visit our skylight parts store. We can assist you with replacement skylight domes, skylight diffusers, shafts and complete DIY kits.

NOTE: Skybrite skylights no longer offer an installation business. We now focus solely on shipping genuine skylight spare parts online throughout Australia.