Skylights are an opening from your roof top to your ceiling, tunnelling beautiful natural light through means of a shaft system, directly into your home or business. They have had many different names over the years such as Sun tunnels, Solar tubes, Roof windows, Daylighting systems and so on. It can seem confusing when you first here them all but they are all the same thing, simply a system of bringing natural free light into your home, from the sky. A Skylight is our environmentally friendly light source which will never blow out, save our back pockets and improve our quality of life.

Have you ever been wandering around your house and feeling slow and down for whatever reason. Maybe work frustrations are at an all time high, or maybe your washing up is piling up and you’re looking for any reason to avoid it. For whatever reason or no reason you just seem uninterested and unmotivated to get stuck into life. Then you decide to open up all the windows, shutters or blinds and let the fresh air and let the light outside fill your house. All of a sudden it is like somebody turned on a switch inside you and you feel 20 times the person you were just 10 seconds ago. You feel a huge boost of energy to not only start doing things about the place but you immediately feel happier and more optimistic about everything as well.

Natural light is not only the environmentally responsible way to light up your home but it has also been linked to increased feelings of well being and happiness. Why waste your time on horrible little bulbs that filthy up our earth? Why waste your money on lights that continually blow out due to power surges? These light bulbs are designed to blow after a certain amount of time, a lot sooner than you might be aware. And if that wasn’t enough they give off a horrible glow that is never adequate and creates a depressing mood. Have you ever walked into an office or home and thought “this place is so gloomy, how depressing, Id hate to have to live or work here”.

Since Suncity Skylights entered the Brisbane sky-lighting industry there has been numerous changes in the technology and materials used. Lead flashing’s have all but disappeared and the polycarbonate plastic tops and diffusers are now recyclable. The number one concern of customers that I speak to today is the old “heat” issue that previous skylights have been guilty of in the past. The advances in the industry have seen the amount of heat let in by a skylight reduced by up to 80%. Also the materials used are now recyclable so that is great news. Lets start utilising the sunlight that we have right above right above our heads.


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